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Marvis Classic Mint and Marvis Ginger Mint toothpasteTime for a new post after 2 weeks travelling through Italy and France. And what’s more fun than buying typical beauty products from countries you’ve visited? I love it! During my stay in Italy I was inspired by an article in the September issue of the Dutch ‘Red’ magazine where they talk about all kind of dental hygiene and Marvis.

Marvis is an old Italian toothpaste brand. Besides the more regular tastes like Classic Mint and Whitening Mint they also sell Cinnamon Mint, Jasmine Mint and Ginger Mint. I admit the names of these tastes borders on strange, but I was dying to try them!!

So yes, I went to the closest drugstore I could find: Aqua e Sapone. Of course I could surmise that they wouldn’t sell all these strange types of toothpaste in a small village around the Garda Lake, but hey, it’s an Italian brand. And I was lucky. I found Ginger Mint and Classic Mint. And no need to say I was more curious after the Ginger Mint. It claims to have a ‘warm, fresh’ note added to mint to create a subtly spicy effect. Provides fresh breath all day long, helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque.

But…here’s my judgment. It’s not that strange, funny, extraordinairy and bizarre toothpaste that I hoped it would be. It is and stays a ‘Mint’. It does have that spicey thing that you would expect from a ginger taste, but not very noticeable. It’s more a….I know it’s in there, so I can taste it….kind of thing. And I have to be honest (although this might be bad for my reputation), I like the more boring Classic Mint better than the Ginger Mint. To me the Classic Mint tastes like peppermint candy. Almost a little sweet. Yummy!

So if you’re in Italy I would definitly buy one of the Marvis toothpastes. Not only because of their funny range of tastes, but also because the packaging is amazing and the local price compared to the prices you see on the internet is peanuts. I paid € 2,75 for a big tube and € 1,50 for a small tube. No travelling plans? Buy Marvis on Amazon, best deal.

Happy sunday and don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day! 🙂

p.s…their website and advertising campaign is a must see as well.