Darphin Aromatic Purifying BalmLast week I rediscovered the French skincare brand Darphin. 10 years ago I lived in Brussels for about a year and worked as a model (hence the name of this post). That was when Darphin and I first met. And I can tell you….it was love at first sight. We were together for about 2 years. But unfortunately our friendship faded throughout the years. And don’t ask me why, some just do.

However, after this quite long introduction I’ll give a short review of, in my opinion, the most divine product of this brand: ‘Baume Purifant Aromatique’ (sounds better in French, non?) or easier ‘Aromatic Purifying Balm’. It claims that its 12 essential oils formula clarifies and promotes pure, healty-looking skin, helps visibly reduce imperfections and rebalance skin’s appearance for a more even complexion. Most of the essential oils come from citrus. I can tell you, as a little aside, that many citrus oils are also high in limonene, a substance that inhibits tumor growth (according to some clinical studies at Google results).

Obviously that has nothing to do with this purifying balm, but you never know when you need that information. Back to beauty: it’s no wonder that they call this the vacuum cleaner. When I wake up in the morning I have this purified and youthful looking skin and an amazing luminous glow all over my face. This product is on the market for, as far as I know, more then 10 years now and is one of my HG’s (for laymen: Holy Grails). This divinity doesn’t come cheap, but on the other hand, the price won’t make you physically ill – it’s perfectly pitched, in my humble opinion. Priced at € 45,- with free delivery worldwide at feelunique.com or for a few pennies more at your local beauty salon.

So, leaves me to say that it’s for sure that Darphin Purifying Balm and I will be friends for life. It’s just a fairytale….

Happy Saturday! 🙂